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JTW International was founded in 1995, designed to offer fully integrated auxiliary systems to the plastics processing industries. JTW's objective is to apply the extensive knowledge of its personnel, principles and local representatives to supply specific solutions that fit our customers' individual requirements.

We strives to supply products and equipment that are durable and simple to operate. JTW and its principles work closely with our customers to insure compatibility and seamless integration of all products into their extrusion systems and plants. In addition, we continuously work to develop new technologies that will improve the productivity and efficiencies of the extrusion process.

We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction, and we work closely with our clients to deliver customized solutions that meet their specific needs. With decades of experience in the industry, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide a full range of equipment and services to our clients.

AC81a blackout.jpg

AC80 Auger Compactor



David Dalton – Application Engineer:

David comes to the JTW team with 12+ years’ experience in the engineering field. He is truly focused on new and exciting ways to better the equipment to meet the daily needs of our customers. David takes pride in listening to the field technicians and implementing a plan to problem solve. His knowledge of the machinery also allows him to work closely with the sales team to make sure certain equipment will fit their application.

You can reach David via email at or via cell phone at


Dewayne Roberts – Operation Manager:

Dewayne comes to the JTW team as our Operations Manager where he handles all production on any system that leaves our facility. Dewayne is very hands on with the machinery which then allows him the capability to trouble shoot in the field. Along with being the Operations Manager, he oversees the shipment process from our warehouse to your location. With a construction background, he takes pride in how the machinery is packed, so that it arrives in a proper manner and intact with no damage.

You can reach Dewayne via email at or cell phone at 404-667-1140


Christy Miller – Administrative Support:


Christy comes to the JTW team with over 20+ years of office experience in a management role. For any of your purchasing or account questions, she is the one that you want to speak to. She takes pride in her customer service and is happy to assist you with any questions you may have. In addition to her role as Administrative Support, she assists the sales team with outside sales.

You can reach Christy via email at or cell phone at 678-863-4707

James Wade – Sales:

James is the founding father of JTW. In October 2023, James made the decision to enter semi-retirement, and pass the torch on to the other 3 team members. While enjoying retirement on a small scale, he assists the sales team with the equipment that he “dreamed” up many years ago. His knowledge is an asset to our team and our customers. We continue to learn from James daily and he is very hands on when it comes to the customers. He takes pride in the company he founded, and it is his wish to see it grow and to make sure that the customer relationships he formed continue for years to come.

You can reach James via email at

The JTW team is here to assist you in all ways possible. We look forward to working with you all on future projects!

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